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Windows Mobile Device Center no longer works after Creator's Edition in Win10

If present, next uninstall Windows Mobile Device Center. Reboot if prompted. Once they are uninstalled, download a fresh copy from the appropriate or bit download link in this KB article: Note for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update v An additional workaround is necessary; see the following article linked in Related Pages below: Windows 10 Fall Creators Update v Windows Mobile Device Center fails to install or uninstall.

A DLL required for this install to complete could not be run If the above did not work, try the following. Note that you must have full administrator access on the PC, and the PC must have internet access. When you install can you right click the exe and run as administrator when you install? Do you mean I should try again with the bit version right-click and run as administrator? Or for the bit?

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Have you downloaded drivers from below link? These are the drivers provided by HP for this particular device. Also the software they are giving from same link.

  • How do I install Windows Mobile Device Center on Windows 7 Ultimate and start synching my PDA?.
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Thanks reach2sandeep, I'm trying to download the drivers for my PDA now. The problem will be to move the downloaded drivers onto the PDA as the synching does not work. Although one workaround could be to use a SD-card SD-card reader on laptop: I received error message that this website is not accessible: You might be able to prevent this problem from recurring. Try the steps below in the order given. If one step doesn't solve the problem, try the next one.

Setting up Windows Mobile Device Cemter

Click to go online to the Hewlett-Packard Company website for more information and support options Contact Hewlett-Packard Company support to discuss settings or configuration changes that might make your personal digital assistant PDA more compatible with this version of Windows. It might not be possible to use your personal digital assistant PDA with this version of Windows. To search for similar devices that are compatible, go online to the Windows 7 Compatibility Center: Windows 7 Compatibility Center. Could it work if I run bit in bit compatibility mode?

If i click the link i can download the file Ok, worked now, just switched mode on my VPN, so I can download the file. But do you think these drivers are up to date with Windows 7?

Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center (64-bit) 6.1.6965

The drivers I found at HP were from or Just try out Sometime older version drivers also works I was quite hopeful and it seemed to be working: I started the installation of iPAQ Improvement. Then there is a popup-window saying that "Installed programs for the device will be downloaded next time you connect the mobile device. I click on OK to close this popup-windows. That prompts another window to popup InstallShield Wizard completed , that says "The wizard was interrupted before iPAQ Improvement could be completely installed.

Your system has not been modified. To complete installation at another time, please run setup again.

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Click Finish to exit the wizard. Can any 3rd party application on this site be of use for synching Windows Mobile and Windows 7?: But this NuevaSync doesn't explicitly support Windows Mobile 6.

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  • How do I install Windows Mobile Device Center on Windows 7 Ultimate and start synching my PDA?.
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I can't see how this would work with my PDA. NET 3. This will take some time The installer will terminate silently. Therefore you should monitor it using the task manager: Run the taskmanager, select "More details" and sort the "CPU" column.

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