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As you would expect from such a specialty product, it feels fantastic to hold and it is solidly built. The latch is easy to operate, as can be seen in my hands on video, and it has four buttons in which to use the Lumia underwater. As far as I can tell, they have thought of everything when using this case with gloves, underwater. You can even keep the Lumia 's lanyard attached, which is a good idea for easy removal from the covering. Although 'normal people' would never need such a case for their phone, it's a unique and fascinating piece of equipment that professionals could certainly use in adverse weather conditions, or when on recreational SCUBA dives.

I did manage to put it underwater, well, at least my sink, and it held up well. We'll see about taking into a pool or even the ocean at some point for some real fun. But no need to take my word for it, just watch the above video taken entirely on the Lumia by the Mission 31 team, and you can see how they're making use of it as we speak. Interested in picking one up? Here's where you can buy it. The case may protect the 8X from some bumps but I wouldn't count on it to protect the Windows Phones from drops of any height.

There's just not enough to the Cimo case to add any cushion to things.

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The Cimo S-Line is made from a silicone gel type material that has cutouts for the 8X's camera, headphone jack, speaker, microphones and micro-USB port. Buttons on the 8X are covered with button extensions on the Cimo case. The case is unlined and has a glossy accent to it to make the Cimo case stand out a little. The Cimo case is textured along the sides to give the 8X a little more grip. Buttons are responsive through the case and for the most part, the Cimo case stays in place nicely.

There is a little wiggle room along the sides of the case. The fit isn't loosey goosey where it feels as though the case will pop off but the wiggle room may allow dust, grit or grime to get inside the case.

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I wouldn't mind seeing the overlap of the case extend a little further to eliminate the wiggle. It's not enough to drive you nuts but noticeable. Nokia is attempting to get the Windows Phone community involved in making new Lumia cases. The company has released a 3D-printing Development Kit 3DK , which not only comes with the required raw files for 3D printers, but also guidance on what materials could be utilised, tips on what to look out for in creating a unique case, and other advice.

Should you have access to a 3D printer of some sort, you'll be able to use the 3DK files released by the manufacturer to craft new shells for the Lumia But if you don't happen to own a 3D printer, there are a number of services online that can produce results from submitted designs for a fee. It'll provide an avenue for consumers to head down to create unique cases.

So what's currently available from Nokia for 3D printing? The following will help one get started:. It'll be interesting to see if Nokia releases a similar 3DK for the Lumia , another Windows Phone that supports interchangeable shells. We previously looked at 3D printing back in September where we recommended looking at the manufacturing process if you're unable to get your hands on some unique Windows Phone accessories. It's great to see Nokia attempting to motivate the community into creating their own shells and accessories.

It'll be interesting to see how much interest is shown in the 3DK and printing Lumia cases. Nokia , via: For those of you in the US, the day has come! Well… sort of. More like the week has almost come. The official Nokia Lumia case is right around the corner. According to a US Expansys rep last week:. Along with the CC, we are also seeing what seems to be the black case with a protective leather flip cover CP , although in the photo it's showing a Lumia The yellow , black and white soft cases are still on backorder and are due to arrive in the beginning of February, and although you can still order them Be prepared for a bit of a wait.

Some other forum members have since ordered and received theirs, you could get lucky too. Head over to the forums and share your thoughts. The cases are the creation of Kevin "Gibbage" Miller that have been designed with three principals in mind. Protection, Design and Function. The Gibbage Case protects the soft outer coating and corners of the 8X by creating a small buffer between the Windows Phone and harsh surfaces. The design is minimal to complement the HTC 8X's native design and the case hopes to be functional by giving the 8X a little more grip, easier access to the buttons all the while not interfering with wireless charging Verizon models and other core phone functions.

The Gibbage Cases are a work in progress with limited color selections. Apparently the dyes in the 3D printing process will leach into the soft case of the 8X. While the cases are only available for the 8X, Miller is working on designs for the Nokia Lumia We've got a review unit heading our way and we'll get a review up as soon as possible.

Best Nokia Lumia Cases: Snow and splashproof protection

In the meantime you can find out more on the Gibbage Case here and offer your thoughts on the cases in this Windows Phone Central Forums discussion. Now that both the 8S and 8X are readily available in multiple markets, how does one spice up the Titan to prolong or refresh its beauty?

A fresh paint job, of course. This is also perfect if you've somehow managed to accumulate a few scratches on the back plate. The above shot is of a Titan that has received such treatment, and we must say the end result is pretty neat - especially the glossy finish. It makes us want to quickly head on out and get our nails done too. Be sure to head on over to the " Titan aint dead! New Paintjob gives Freshness!

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First pillows for your phone and now a sleeping bag, you ask? They also have a leash allowing you to attach the case, and your phone, securely to your jacket. As well as having a serious functionality, the cases look the part too. Stay tuned for our Burton app for Windows Phone Think back to the waterproof Fujitsu IS12T Windows Phone , but potentially sporting the Nokia brand and ability to take a cover off when it's not required. Unfortunately details are rather limited on the cover, and no images have been shared so it's unknown as to what the cover will look like.

The rating, IP54 , states that the cover will be able to protect the Lumia from both dust particles and water splashes from all directions.

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While you'll not be able to take the smartphone in the bath with you, it'll be more resilient to accidental exposure to liquid. Twitter teunii ; thanks, Stanislav, for the tip! Smartphones are expensive investments, especially the high-end models. Anyone purchasing a new Windows Phone will want to care for it as if it were a living being, and cases are available to help prevent damage to a mobile device. While Nokia handsets are known for being built to survive nuclear fallout, even the Lumia needs some pampering here and there.

Otterbox has unveiled a case for the new flagship Windows Phone. Sporting an impact-absorbing outer layer, rigid plastic shell, built-in screen protector and holster belt clip, the Otterbox case is a perfect companion for any Lumia owner. Otterbox ; thanks, Patrick, for the tip! What about at the other end? We decided to take a look. The Zizo is a soft but firm TPU or thermoplastic polyurethane case that is offers both low profile protection and optional colors including blue, clear, and magenta.

We have no immediate complaints about the case, as can be seen in our video review. Speaking of dropping, it should offer mid-range protection, including shielding the body from mild drops, body scratches and dings. In other words, most regular people should be okay with this level of protection. Need more accessories?

Finding the right case for your smartphone is never an easy task and in fact, there might not be a right one for all occasions, just one right for the moment. It leaves the screen area unprotected but the edges of the phone top and bottom including the corners are recessed enough to give it some body-protection against a drop. The finish is matte and soft-touch, making the Lumia feel great in the hand. When it comes to industrial level protection of smart devices, no one can touch the OtterBox brand. Their cases, known for being well built and comprehensive, are only meant for those who work in construction, outdoors or in adverse conditions.

So how is it? The quality is top notch as always. Having a yellow option though would be nice instead of the more tame black.

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The buttons on the side do get mushy, losing some sensitivity as is the case with the screen protector. And pushing the physical keys will require some more effort too, though you do get used to after a break in period. The phone with case feels nice enough in the hand, assuming you have accepted your fate in carrying around a bulky Lumia Still, for those of you who need this case and you know you are , what choice do you have? From a pragmatic position, the Lumia OtterBox Defender is the best protection you can buy right now and it works admirably.

If we worked in construction or were mountain climbing, this would be our go to case, no questions asked. One of the possible saving points for the unit might be its optional detachable keyboard; today, we are taking a look at that keyboard and deciding if it lives up to the typical Lenovo keyboard aka: Feels great in hand, has a sturdy magnetic dock mechanism, not wireless thus no need for a separate battery, easy to attach and remove the tablet when needed.

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