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Angry Birds Blast - a new game Rovio. The studio continues to use its most popular franchise in all possible directions and genre variations. Which in fact long.

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Users have been complaining about the slow App Store issue, when iOS 6 was released. Fortunately, the problems disappeared with iOS 7. Since a few users are still on iOS 6 for numerous reasons, including corporate software or peripheral hardware support, we figured that you might benefit from the trick that solves the slow App Store issue. Genius recommends apps based on your preferences and aims to provide the best possible user experience.

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If Apple were purposefully debilitating an older iPhone, that would clearly show up in the 3DMark score. You can see a bunch of charts here , and they all show the same thing: GPU performance holds steady on an iPhone 5S, even across three firmware updates.

You can have faith in that both because of the rigorous Futuremark analysis, and because the planned obsolescence theory never made any sense in the first place. If it really downshifted devices after a couple of years, why on earth would it be selling you a two-year-old device?

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Yes, this metaphor assumes multiple competitive fruit stands in close proximity. But why has nothing to do with Apple sabotage. The problem?

The operating system itself contributes to that load somewhat— iOS 11 demands more from your device than iOS 9 did—but Joki pins the majority of blame on apps that creep up in size and processing hunger with each passing year. Think of it like this: You own a station wagon, and each year you fill it with slightly bigger boxes.

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Surprisingly, Joki blames app bloat another common old-iPhone lament: So iPhones do slow down a bit over time, largely thanks to your various downloads. The natural question might be: First, sorry to say, the answer is not to simply stop downloading app updates.

Follow our simple guide below on how to reboot the iOS device properly:. Once again, this is done on the iOS device side. Now, connect to the network as you would connect to any new network, and things should hopefully be back to normal. Things are getting a little more serious now. Resetting the network settings on the iOS device essentially means that you are setting anything network related that has been customized back to manufacturer default.

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For one reason or the other, disabling Location Services for Wi-Fi Networking can help fix this issue. Subscribe to our RSS Feed!

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Symptom would be slowness but also disconnection. Then 50 will make utilisation worse also so you need to know you are adding more burden to RF. I tried every one of the steps outlined, but my iPhone still has virtually no bandwidth with my WiFi router. My app updates are so slow that they time out!

Part 1: How Long Does iOS 12/12.1 Update Take?

I have question. Asking for help. When i open app store, some of apps icon are blank-grey.