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Already registered? Log in here. The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus has meant that smartphone giants Apple and Samsung can now begin their much-anticipated head-to-head battle for phablet ascendancy. But which supersized smartphone will reign supreme? The rear camera is still protected by an aluminum frame. By contrast, the iPhone 6 Plus camera is angled and protudes from the frame slightly.

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+

Apple's plus-size model also boasts the same styling as its smaller version, with an all-aluminum body and more rounded corners than the Samsung. There is also some variation in the resolution: As one of Samsung's flagship devices, it is almost certain to receive Android M as soon as it is released. The iPhone 6 Plus camera is also well regarded, even though it only has a resolution of 8 MP. Read a more detailed assessment of the iPhone 6 camera vs the S6 camera at the link. Both devices should be able to last for a full day without a charge.

It is available in gray, silver and gold. Pre-sale is expected to start on August 21 and the phablet should hit stores on September 4. You can download extra apps from Google rather than strictly playstore such as mobdro, while iphone and ipad are restricted to app store, not even apps on safari will work on iOS due to software issues. That and s6 edge plus is far more durable proven by a guy on YouTube that keeps dropping them until iphone is completely destroyed while samsung still works away, obviously not to full potential but iphone ha ha ha just not durable at ALL.

A much faster cpu, a better camera, and higher resolution just to name some things. Some people still prefer the iOS though, and that is something that any Samsung device definitely won't have. Swing and a miss! We actually use these Samsung, I guess I will have to find a competitor who does offer a card slot.

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s

Where's the removable battery????? I have a total of 4, I prefer swapping out batteries to tethering to your wall wart. Guess I will have to check out the competition, keep my note 4 in service as long as possible, it's quite the perfect laptop replacement, but your deletion of the two best features of your phone from your power users, well, it just sucks.

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Let's see what you do with the Note 6. I've had my Galaxy S6 Edge for over 4 months now and so far it's been fabulous compared to my S5. My older S5 began to have issues when upgraded to Lollipop and even though updates made if faster and efficient, it still had a few moments of lagging. Apple's 5. Samsung's phones are now up to quad HD levels at x The pixel count for Apple's phablet ends up being ppi, while Samsung packs in ppi stretched over top of a larger display. They both look good, but Samsung's display is slightly better.

These are Samsung and Apple's top-of-the-line phones, with internal specs that should get you through the next two years without a hitch. At the heart of the iPhone 6 Plus is its custom Apple A8 System on a Chip, which is plenty fast for most phone users' tasks, even if it scored lower in benchmark tests. That should make the updated benchmark tests really interesting when we do review the new phone.

Here's where the iPhone 6 Plus may win you over: Both capture moments with easy-to-access camera apps and high-end point-and-shoot-level results. We took a great mobile camera and gave it an upgrade. Because taking photos is a way of life. Your life. As it happens.


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